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Become one of our select students each year who will FLY AS A POLICE PILOT on our established, City Contracted Helicopter Patrols.  Fully Equipped with Infrared Cameras, Moving Maps, Police Computers, Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems, Ect.

Enroll in our Robinson R22/R44 200 hour professional pilot program and you will

Join our Police Contract City Patrol as a pilot for the night!

Check out our Professional Helicopter Pilot Courses and ENROLL TODAY.  We only have 15 spaces each year, so call us now!

police helicopter



We have professional, FULL TIME instructors for all of your Law Enforcement Flight Training. Fly with helicopter pilots who are active in police work!

Highly experienced CFI's on staff.

Actual Fully Equipped Police Aircraft in Our Fleet!

California Aviation Services is the primary flight school source for Initial Airborne Law Enforcement Training in the United States. CA Aviation Services' proprietary Ab-Initio Flight Training Program is designed specifically for Law Enforcement Professionals, and will have the Officer qualified with a Private Pilot License in as little as 3 weeks.

California Aviation Services Fontana Police Helicopter R44 California Aviation Services understands the specific needs of today's Airborne Law Enforcement Professional. Your pilot course will include actual training missions dedicated to patrol, surveillance, search and rescue, mountain, desert, and metro operations.

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