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We Include:

  • Pilots
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Fuel
  • Hangars
  • And Everthing to have a COMPLETE AVIATION UNIT.

California Aviation Services now offers law enforcement day and night helicopter patrol. We have put together an economic and unbeatable program using our Robinson R-44 Raven II Police Helicopters.

California Aviation Services is a Robinson Factory Dealership and Service Center and we can provide everything necessary to literally start an aviation program for your department, city, or county. We have a full staff of experienced police pilots who fly for various cities, counties, and state agencies. Our maintenance staff insures reliable performance with little or no down time. We also have back-up aircraft available for additional missions if necessary.

With our police program, you provide the police observer, and that’s it. We literally provide everything else necessary including experienced police pilots, helicopters, onboard Infrared F.L.I.R. system, stabilized video camera, police 800mhz radio system, searchlight, hangar, maintenance, fuel, insurance, etc.

With our law enforcement background, we completely understand budget concerns as they relate to operating a helicopter on patrol. Since we provide everything, your costs are minimal in comparison to starting on your own. We also offer the option of our program to get you started, and at a later date, budget permitting, we can turn the keys over to you, and the program helicopter, hangar, and all is yours to keep. It’s up to you.

We have a very successful programs in the City of San Bernardino and Fontana CA and we can do the same for your city. Within the past year, another nearby city chose to purchase their own helicopter and begin police helicopter patrol. The problem: NON-POLICE pilots, a purchase of a 1 MILLION DOLLAR USED helicopter with 5 empty seats in the back, and a 4 night per week program. The actual cost for the first year was approximately $1.4 million dollars.

Our program will operate for 4 years at the same cost of the first year at the neighboring city. Compare OUR LESS THAN $450,000.00 per year complete cost; to a $1.4 million dollar start up! In today’s economic climate, there can only be one choice, and the choice is California Aviation Services Police Patrol.

Let California Aviation Services supply your agency with a complete aerial patrol program. Call for specific quotes for your agency.


Call us today to set up your City on a Professional Helicopter Patrol Program!


Our proven program guarantees the lowest costs in the industry.
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