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We have professional, FULL TIME instructors for all of your training needs:

  • Private thru Commercial Pilot Courses
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Fly with pilots who are active in police work!
  • Highly experienced CFI's on staff.
  • Actual Fully Equipped Police Aircraft in Our Fleet!

California Aviation Services is the primary source for Initial Airborne Law Enforcement Training in the United States. CA Aviation Services' proprietary Ab-Initio Training Program is designed specifically for Law Enforcement Professionals, and will have the Officer qualified with a Private Pilot License in as little as 3 weeks.

California Aviation Services understands the specific needs of today's Airborne Law Enforcement Professional. Your course will include actual training missions dedicated to patrol, surveillance, search and rescue, mountain, desert, and metro operations.

7Civilian Pilot Training
California Aviation Services has been conducting flight training for many years. Our staff of professional instructors know just what it takes to complete your aviation courses in the most efficient, safe and cost effective manner. Many of our customers desire only a Private Pilot License, whereas others will advance onto Commercial, Instrument, and Certified Flight Instructor ratings. We can adjust your program to specifically meet your individual needs.

Our FAA Approved Part 141 Private Pilot Training Course allows a flexible schedule for the busy professional who must budget time as well as keep costs low. We provide individual or group ground school sessions, and our classroom computers provide an excellent training platform for a guarantee to pass the FAA Written test! After completing your Private Pilot course, take your friends and family for the thrill of a lifetime with YOU as their personal pilot!

atr7Commercial Pilot Training
In addition to the Private Pilot Courses, we offer advanced training for those customers who are looking for a career as a pilot, or for those who simply want to continue to a higher level of flight proficiency. Our Commercial Pilot Course will take you through advanced maneuvers, high altitude skills, emergency procedures, cross-country flight, and much more.

For those who are looking for a career in aviation, we invite you to check out our photo gallery page to see a few of our graduates success stories, who now fly for News Media, Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, Airlines and Tour operations throughout the world.

Instructor Training
In addition to our Commercial, Turbine Transition and Instrument pilot courses, we have a specialized course for Flight Instructor training. This course is taught by Leo himself and if you are interested in starting your aviation career as a flight instructor; this course is the only choice! Leo takes a special interest in flight instructor training and has perfected a ground and flight training program to guarantee satisfaction. His use of visual aids and his experience of thousands of hours as a CFI and FAA PLeo in the Robinson R44 Helicopterilot Examiner.  This pilot course will expand your knowledge well beyond the standard out of the book courses offered by other schools. In addition, many of our new flight instructors are hand picked and hired by Leo from this course!

When other schools advertise “REAL WORLD” flight training, we want you to ask one important question: are they interested in training you to GET YOUR LICENSE? Or show you “real world maneuvers” that cost you money, and that the FAA doesn’t even list as required flight training?

We make it very clear. At California Aviation Services, our goal is to get you a PILOT LICENSE! We have seen many other flight schools advertise this REAL WORLD training, yet the instructors on staff have no actual experience themselves! We have a staff of Professional Pilots, with various backgrounds in military, police, airlines, news media, charter, etc. So if you want REAL WORLD training, stop by and see us. Our friendly instructors will be happy to take you up for your first demo lesson to show you what flight lessons are all about! If you desire a pilot license California Aviation Services is…..the Real World!
Our Chief Flight Instructor can be reached at

Specialty courses can be specifically designed for:

  • police
  • corporate
  • firefighting
  • and more

International Flight Training Programs
Complete Package Course for DGCA International Students:

Complete DGCA (International) Course Cost:

LESS THAN $55,000.00

At California Aviation Services, we understand that as an International Student, you may have specific needs that do not normally apply to our local customers. We offer services to our overseas students, as well as travel and passport assistance. Upon your arrival in the USA at LAX, we will greet you at the terminal for a carefree drive to our nearby facility. We have staff who are fluent in many languages from Japanese, German, Spanish and more. We believe your introduction to the United States will be comfortable from the moment you step off your flight.

We also offer housing and transportation services for our out of town and international customers. Our quiet and clean apartments are located within a 5 minute walk from our flight line. After a full day of ground and flight training, you can relax by the swimming pool, take a few swings at the golf course across the street, or enjoy several resturaunts, shopping and entertainment areas convienently located near our facility.

For those international customers, we have on staff flight instructors who can provide the advanced and specialized maneuvers training required for the D.G.C.A. pilot certificate.  We now offer complete courses to fullfill the DGCA requirements.

We have many years experience in training overseas students, and invite you to email us with any specific training requests.
Clean comfortable apartments for students and instructors.
Only a 5 minute walk across to our flight line!


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