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Get Your Private Pilot License in an Airplane or Helicopter!

We are a FAA Part 141 Approved Flight School. 


What is a private pilot certificate (PPL License)?

A private pilot certificate allows you to fly an airplane or helicopter, carry passengers or property and share the operating expenses. You are not allowed to fly for compensation or hire. Private pilot's have the opportunity to fly for pleasure literally across the United States!

For those who are career oriented, the Private Pilot certificate is the first step in your flying career. For those who just want to learn to fly for the enjoyment of flight; this course is suited specifically for you!

What are the medical requirements?
An FAA medical certificate is required prior to the first solo flight. We work with local doctors who are certified by the FAA to issue your medical certificate.

What are the requirements to be a pilot?

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A minimum of 35 hours flight time (FAA Part 141) including

  • 3 hours of dual cross-country
  • 1 cross-country over 50 nautical miles
  • 3 hours of dual night training
  • 3 hours of checkride preparation
  • 5 hours of solo flight

About 15 hours of ground school providing

  • a foundation of basic aviation knowledge
  • preparation to pass the FAA Written Test

IM004003-  California Aviation Services Student (Jeff)  learning how to hover -

What is the average time?


The FAA requires 35 hours (FAA Part 141) as listed above, the national average
is 65-70 hours.  With our accelerated programs, the average at California Aviation Services is about 35-40 hours.

What does a flying license cost?
Airplane Private Pilot PPL License
Course Cost Including Flight Hours and Ground School

Helicopter Private Pilot PPL-H License
Course Cost Including Flight Hours and Ground School

See our "Pricing" page for details
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