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Instrument Pilot Training in Airplanes and Helicopters

California Aviation Services offers the Instrument Pilot Course for those students who desire the added skill, and comfort of proficiency as a pilot during poor weather flying. As a Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, or Flight Instructor, poor weather is often encountered unexpectedly. Although we do not condone flying intentionally into poor weather, we understand this will occasionally happen.

R44 Instrument Panel

With an Instrument Pilot Certificate, you gain the comfort of aircraft control in order to safely complete your flight. Once safely on the ground, you can then use your instrument pilot knowledge to plan your next flight leg wisely. We teach you how to decipher the reports, forecasts, and multitude of weather information available, in order to fly where you know the weather is better! For those who desire to become flight instructors, the industry has evolved in such a way, that in order to be competitive in the job market, an instrument rating is a necessity!

What are the Instrument  Flight Training requirements?

A minimum of 40 hours flight time. In order to save you money, we combine flight time with FAA Certified PCATD or AATD flight
simulator training. Your course can be completed with 30 hours of flight, and 10 hours on the simulator.

  • 1 cross-country of at least 100 nautical miles
  • ILS-, NDB-, VOR- and GPS-Approaches
  • advanced radio communications

About 20 hours of ground school providing

  • advanced knowledge of weather information available
  • preparation to pass the FAA Written Test


Flight simulator (PCATD and AATD) Training
Modern computer technology has afforded pilots with the opportunity to fly in programmed weather, at the actual airport, route, arrival, and approach. The database at our school can literally take you from east to west coast in an IFR flight. We also extensively use scenario based ATC training for this course to enhance the realistic atmosphere of communication in the IFR system.
Instrument Course Costs
Includes 20 Hrs Ground School:

IFR Airplane

IFR R-22 Course
(Coming Soon)

IFR R-44 Course

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