California Aviation Services

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Helicopter Career Courses

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Find out how you can see the world as never before!

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Instrument Pilot Training

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California Aviation Services offers the Instrument Pilot course for those students who desire the added skill.

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Private Pilot License (PPL License)

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Get your Airplane Private Pilots license in three weeks!

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Police Aviation Programs

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California Aviation Services brings you an affordable solution to your law enforcement aviation needs.

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Law Enforcement Training

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We train pilots for police and sheriffs agency's from all over the country.

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Aerial Photography

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We can get the photo nobody else can!  Aerial Mapping/Survey/Infrared Imagery.

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Learn To Fly Today!

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(951) 354-5274

Where to Learn to Fly



Call us for your
Introductory 30 minute Flight Lesson.

Flight School AffordableWe place YOU IN THE PILOT SEAT
on your 1st Flight!
Call us at (951) 354-5274 for details

California Aviation Police Helicopter Services - Specials PhotoA Police Aviation Unit for less than $450,000.00 per year!
Including aircraft and pilots!

CLICK HERE for details!

Robinson R-22, Robinson R44, Private, Commercial, Instrument, and CFI Courses available NOW!

Are you Interested? CLICK HERE!

California Aviation Student with Cessna 150
Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Piper Cherokee

Private, Commercial, Instrument, and CFI Courses available NOW!

Are you Interested? CLICK HERE!

Helicopter Specials PDF Print E-mail

Private Pilot Helicopter: ONLY $9,360.00

35 Flight Hours R22
30 Flight Hours with our Instructor
15 Hours Ground School Included!

3 Weeks Start to Finish!

flight school


If you need a Commercial Pilot Course, save money by combining all of our flight school courses into one Professional Pilot Package.

Professional Helicopter Pilot Course

Private - Instrument - Commercial - CFI
All above courses completed in 12 weeks!
150 Hours of Flight Time
Complete Ground School

[Above Course includes: 40 Hrs Pvt, 40 Hrs IFR (R44II), 70 Hrs Commercial/CFI. Total Hrs w/instructor onboard is 115 hrs. Total Solo Hrs is 35 hrs. Ground School based on 10 hrs Ground Instruction for each course.  Based on Robinson R22 rates. R44 Training also available for additional costs]

Robinson Flight Instructor Employment Special!

If you need a Job to return your investment; enroll in this complete flight training package and become one of our on staff flight school instructors when you graduate!

200 Hours Total Flight Time
100 Hours in a Robinson R-22
100 Hours in a Robinson R-44
Complete all of your courses and be able to work as a CFI/CFII in BOTH R-22 and R-44 as soon as you graduate!

Private + IFR + Comm + CFI + CFII






$79,200.00 Complete Package cost*.
FAA Pilot Examiner On Staff!!!

*Restrictions apply.  Must be enrolled full-time.  Housing not included.  Contact Raquel for details.



California Aviation Services R-44 VFR and IFR Pilot Courses!

$505.00 per hour! Including the Instructor![block rate]

Check Out This Amazing Opportunity for your IFR Training!


Total cost for an R44 IFR Flight Course is $20,200.00

Our price is available for a limited time only, and there are only a limited number of spots available. Call and sign up today.   (951)354-5274

If you are interested, please call our scheduling desk and ask for the R-44 IFR course.

Thank you!
California Aviation Services R44 Helicopter Instrument Panel

Imagine flying a Robinson R-44 Raven II for your IFR training for only $505.00 per hour!

This offer and price won't last long. Book your seat in class TODAY.


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