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Pictured Above are A Few of Our Former Instructor's on the Job Today!



Looking for a Career in Helicopter Aviation? We have placed pilots with major employers all over the world!  Our instructors are real world working pilots in the Airlines; Gulf of Mexico; Canada; Alaska; Grand Canyon, and many other locations.


Save $$$$ with California Aviation Services.
We combine our flight school courses into one Professional Pilot Package.

Robinson Flight Instructor Employment Special!

Enroll in this Complete Package and Become One of Our Staff Instructors when you graduate!


Fly 200 Hours Total Flight Time
100 Hours in a Robinson R-22
100 Hours in a Robinson R-44
$79,200.00 Complete Package cost*.
FAA Pilot Examiner On Staff!!
*Restrictions apply.  Must be enrolled full time.  Housing not included
Contact Raquel for details (951)354-5274

This training program includes:

Private Pilot + IFR + Commercial + CFI + CFII and 200 Hours of flight time!

Complete all courses and be FULLY QUALLIFIED TO WORK as soon as you graduate!


Call Today (951)354-5274


Don and Kris in California Aviation Services R44 Police Helicopter

(CAS Graduate Don and Kris going out for a flight in our SBPD R44 Police helicopter)

For part time students refer to the information below for general cost information.


ROBINSON R-22             SOLO              $207
ROBINSON R-44II          DUAL              $505
ROBINSON R-22             DUAL              $252
ROBINSON R-44II          IFR                  $505
GROUND INSTRUCTION                        $45





Prices are based upon current hourly rates for dual and solo helicopter flight time and ground instruction time. There are additional costs associated with exam fees. Exam Fees are not set by California Aviation but by the examining physician, testing facility, and practical examiner. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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